Event Monitor Reference Library

Steps to Configure Each FrameFlow Event Monitor


Welcome to our Event Monitor Reference Library. Browse our catalog of over 100 event monitors and learn the steps required to activate, configure, and authenticate each one.


System Health

Use our System Health Event Monitor to keep track of various health metrics like bandwidth, disk, memory, and CPU. Click on the link below to read more.

System Health Event Monitor

Windows Event Monitors

FrameFlow has robust support for different Windows operations. Below, you'll find a list of each Windows event monitor that we offer. Click on the name of an event monitor to visit its reference guide.

Low-Level Event Monitors

Our low-level event monitors watch ping response time, TCP ports, and traceroutes respectively. Click on an event monitor to visit its reference guide.

Disk and File Event Monitors

FrameFlow's disk and file event monitors help you keep track of important directory, folder, file, and drive space metrics. Click on a monitor below to learn more.

Website Event Monitors

With FrameFlow, monitoring website metrics is easy. Click on one of our seven website event monitors below to learn more.

Internet Protocol Event Monitors

FrameFlow's internet protocol event monitors cover a host of different protocols. To learn more about each one, click on the links below.

SNMP Event Monitors

Below is a list of our SNMP-based event monitors. Click on one to visit its reference guide page.

Database Event Monitors

FrameFlow's database event monitors watch metrics for various databases. Click on one below to learn more.

Scripting Event Monitors

With our scripting event monitors, you can use a variety of coding languages to program custom monitoring scripts. Click on a scripting monitor below to read more.

Virtual Machine Event Monitors

FrameFlow's virtual machine event monitors allow you to receive alerts about the health of your virtual machines. Select an event monitor below to read its reference guide.

Microsoft 365 Event Monitors

With FrameFlow, you can monitor service status and licenses for your Microsoft 365 account. Click below to learn more.

Discovery Event Monitors

FrameFlow offers a variety of event monitors that boast automatic onboarding of new devices. Click on an event monitor to learn more.

Amazon AWS Event Monitors

Monitor your Amazon AWS metrics with FrameFlow's AWS monitors. Click on a monitor to visit its corresponding reference guide.

Microsoft Azure Event Monitors

Monitor your Azure services with our Microsoft Azure monitors.

Inventory Event Monitors

Our inventory event monitors help you stay on top of various inventory stats. Click on an event monitor below to learn more.

Miscellaneous Event Monitors

Below, you will find a list of FrameFlow's miscellaneous event monitors. From calculations to iDRAC and iLO hardware monitoring, there's something here for every unique monitoring case.