Microsoft Teams Integration

How to Integrate FrameFlow with Microsoft Teams

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a team coordination tool. By setting up Incoming Webhook Connectors, notifications can be sent directly to Microsoft Teams channels. This set of steps will help you integrate your FrameFlow installation with Microsoft Teams.

Adding an Incoming Webhook Connector to a Microsoft Teams Channel

Step 1: Sign in to Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: Expand the option menu by clicking the three dots next to the channel name, and select Connectors from the menu.

Step 3: Search for "Incoming Webhook" and click the 'Configure' button next to the 'Incoming Webhook' item in the search results.

Step 4: Configure a new Incoming Webhook by entering a name and uploading an image before clicking 'Create'.

Step 5: After creating the incoming webhook, Microsoft Teams will provide a URL which you will use to set up Microsoft Teams notifications. Copy the webhook URL and click 'Done'.

Setting Up Microsoft Teams Notifications

Set up notifications using your new Microsoft Teams incoming webhook by first creating a Connector Profile in the integration settings and then creating a notification profile which includes a Microsoft Teams notification action using the webhook URL provided by Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Click 'Integration Settings' in the settings menu and find the 'Microsoft Teams Settings' section.

Step 2: Click the 'Add New Profile' button, enter the name and URL of a Microsoft Teams webhook connector and click 'Ok'.

Step 3: Click 'Save Changes' before leaving 'Integration Settings'.

Step 4: Click 'Notifications: Profiles' in the settings menu and either add a new notification profile or edit an existing profile.

Step 5: With the 'Add/Edit Notification Profile' screen click the 'Add Action' button.

Step 6: Using the 'Notification Action Properties' screen, select 'Send Microsoft Teams Notifications' from the list of actions.

Step 7: Under 'Connector Profiles' select the name of the Microsoft Teams Connector profile you wish to use.

Step 8: Configure how and when the notification action will be triggered and click 'OK'.

Step 9: Click 'Ok' on the 'Add/Edit Notification Profile' screen. Now, the notification profile with the Microsoft Teams notification action can be selected in the settings of an event monitor and notifications will appear in your Microsoft Teams channel.