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Welcome to FrameFlow's Technical Resources Articles. Here, you'll find guides and articles to help you customize and troubleshoot your FrameFlow installation.


Step-by-Step Instructional Articles

Creating an Azure Authentication Profile

Learn how to set up an authentication profile for your Azure event monitors in FrameFlow. Go

Extending Monitoring Timeout

Learn how to override the default monitoring timeout for your event monitors as a whole and individually. Go

Monitoring Using Local Admin Accounts

Use these steps to begin monitoring using local admin accounts. Go

Moving Your FrameFlow Installation to a New System

View the best practices for moving your FrameFlow installation to a new system. Go

Multi-Site Login and Security Groups

Learn how login and security roles work with more than one site. Go

Multi-Site Deployment Guide

Use this guide to deploy your multi-site FrameFlow installation. Go

Ports Used for Monitoring

This article explains the different ports used for monitoring and provides guidelines to help with firewall rules. Go

Proxy Servers and Remote Nodes

Follow the steps necessary to enable proxy server support for your remote nodes. Go

Running FrameFlow on IIS

View the best practices for running the FrameFlow interface on IIS. Go

Running PowerShell Scripts with FrameFlow: Best Methods

Learn the best methods to use when running PowerShell scripts. Go

Setting up Azure Email Notifications

Learn how to set up Azure email notifications and create an app registration linked with a FrameFlow authentication profile. Go

Single Sign-On

Enable single sign-on (SSO) for your FrameFlow installation by integrating with Azure Active Directory. Go

Status Control

Learn how to utilize status control to determine how many failures in a row it takes for event monitors to change their "Success" status. Go