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Extending FrameFlow's Monitoring Timeout

Extending Timeouts for Individual Event Monitors

To change the monitoring timeout for an individual event monitor, go to its settings. Under "Options", you can choose to defer to the global monitoring timeout settings or override the global settings for this event monitor. Once you choose to override the settings, you can enter a custom amount of time in minutes that will be used as the event monitor's timeout.

Extending the Allowed Time for Event Monitoring Actions to Complete

Most monitoring actions complete very quickly but some, such as scans of large event logs or directories, can take longer. This article explains how to extend the default timeout for system monitoring with FrameFlow.

Monitoring Tasks

When an event monitor runs, FrameFlow creates tasks to monitor each device that it has been configured to check. A sophisticated scheduling engine then gathers these tasks and executes them in parallel. By default, the scheduling engine allows up to five minutes for each monitoring task to complete.

If a task takes more than five minutes the task is terminated and the event monitor will show a time out message. Most operations like ping checks and system health checks will complete in just a few seconds so it's rare that a time out ever occurs.

Long Running Tasks

Some monitoring tasks can take an extended time to complete. Some examples include using FrameFlow's Directory event monitor to scan a multi-gigabyte folder structure or using the Windows Event Log event monitor to scan a very large event log from start to finish.

In these cases, you may want to extend the default time out to allow more time. Open up the "config.ini" file which is found at "C:\Program Files (x86)\FrameFlow\config.ini" using Notepad and add the following lines at the end:


That will double the default timeout, setting to 10 minutes. You can set it to higher values however we don't recommend going much above 30 minutes. Long running tasks take up space in the monitoring queue and can affect overall monitoring performance.