What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.7

Learn What has Changed, What's Stayed the Same, and What's Coming Next

What's new in FrameFlow v2022.7?

FrameFlow v2022.7 is our biggest release yet this year! This article highlights what's new from FrameFlow so you can keep on taking advantage of our newest innovations. This update contains several large changes, including a new sign-on option and an overhaul to our Reports section. Read on to find out the highlights of v2022.7, or check out the full list in our change log.

Changes to Reports Section

FrameFlow's Reports section is home to several different report templates that can be filled out with information about your network devices at the click of a button. We offer inventory reports, hardware reports, and monitoring reports, all designed to give you a detailed summary on the topic you select. In FrameFlow v2022.7, we've redesigned this entire section of our interface to have a more modern look and feel. We also added more reporting features to give you more flexibility in the data you collect.

Monitoring Report Example

Not only can you now create multi-site reports, but you also have a wider range of report elements available to you. These include an active ticket report element, a Windows Update report element, a report element that lists all alerts active at the time of the report, and more. Check it out today to begin taking advantage of these new improvements.

Single Sign On with SAML

While the benefits of two-factor authentication can't be denied, sometimes completing two-step authentication on your phone can interrupt your workflow. That's why in this update, we've added the option to use single sign-on with SAML instead. Now, you'll need to authenticate your FrameFlow login only once per day, saving you time and energy throughout every work day!

To learn how to start using SAML to sign in, check out our technical resources article on single sign-on.

SSO Login Screen

New Event Monitors for v2022.7

Our latest version also contains two brand-new event monitors: the AWS Lambda Event Monitor and the Windows Certificate Store Event Monitor.

The AWS Lambda Event Monitor is the latest addition to our AWS line of event monitors. It watches key Lambda metrics like errors, throttles, execution duration, and more. If any of these values exceed the thresholds you specify, you'll receive an alert level of your choosing. This tool will help you keep up-to-speed on any AWS Lambda metric in real time.

AWS Lambda Sample Output

The Windows Certificate Store Event Monitor will send you alerts based on the status of your Windows Certificates. If one of your certificates is found to be invalid or is expiring soon, this event monitor will let you know with an alert level of your choosing. You can also choose to include the number of days until expiry for each certificate in the event text generated each time this event monitor runs. With the Windows Certificate Store Event Monitor, you can stay up-to-date with all your web certificates like never before.

Updates to Existing Event Monitors

Also included in v2022.7 are a handful of improvements to existing event monitors. The IIS Event Monitor has been updated with options to start sites and app pools that are found to be stopped when the event monitor last ran.

Login security and Windows Event Log monitoring should generally proceed faster than in previous releases as well, due to a v2022.7 upgrade under the hood.

Windows Event Logs Tutorial


As you can see, we've been hard at work filling this update with lots of cool and useful improvements and new features. Make sure to log in and upgrade as soon as you can to keep getting the best out of FrameFlow. The total list of changes for v2022.7 is available in our change log for easy viewing. If you have questions or comments about this update, or report a bug, please don't hesitate to contact us using our contact or support forms.

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