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New Release: FrameFlow v2023.6

On the 24th of May, we released a new update for FrameFlow: version 2023.6. This update is filled with changes to existing features and improvements that keep our product moving forward. In this newsletter, we'll cover the highlights of what's changed. Once you've finished reading, make sure to log in and update as soon as you can to access all the improvements available with v2023.6.

Current Status Dashboard Panels

In the Dashboards section of FrameFlow, you can create stunning visuals that represent your monitoring configuration using several different components called dashboard panels. We've updated the existing Current Status panel to add two new options to the display types, all of which can be seen below.

The new additions make this panel more versatile and customizable. Mix and match status tiles, bars, and rings in one dashboard or stick to one style for a uniform look. Sections of the display that are large enough will automatically have a label, like the warning and error alerts in the status panels above. Hover over smaller sections to view their labels.

Microsoft Azure Service Health Monitoring Updates

Last month, when we released the Microsoft Azure Service Health Event Monitor, the event monitor didn't produce any data points. In v2023.6, the event monitor now produces three key data points in addition to the standard "Success/Failure" option.

The additional data points track the respective number of resource health issues, global service issues, and security advisories detected by your Azure Service Health Monitor over time.

New Options for Registry Event Monitor

In FrameFlow v2023.6, we added the ability to the Registry Event Monitor to search for partial numeric matches. Previously, this option did not exist for the "DWORD" value type and only existed if a user chose the "string" value type. This option lets you enter a string or partial string of numbers into the text box provided and will send you an alert if a match is detected. The inverse option also exists and with it, you will be alerted if the event monitor does not detect a match with the string you enter.

New Data Points for Windows and Linux Inventory Monitors

When you update your FrameFlow instance to .6, you may notice that your Linux and Windows Inventory Event Monitors each have two new data points. "OS Number" denotes the version number of the operating system currently running on your network device. "OS Kind" lists whether the OS is Windows or Linux.

With this information, you can create a table using the Data Point List dashboard panel like the one below. This table lists the type and version of the operating system running on each network device and keeps those values handy for easy viewing. Try it out today!

Other Updates in v2023.6 and Link to Change Log

Other key updates in this version are as follows:

  • We improved the look and legibility of dark-mode graphs in the Dashboards section
  • We modernized and improved the functionality of status graphs throughout the interface
  • We fixed an issue with test emails where users could only send one test with the "Send Test Email" button

As always, our change log contains a record of every change in this and all other updates. Check it out if you feel so inclined!

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter! To view past newsletters, click here. As always, feel free to contact us with fixes or suggestions. It's user feedback like yours that helps us keep FrameFlow moving forward.


The FrameFlow Team

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