FrameFlow Newsletter - May 2023

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Current Release: FrameFlow v2023.5

At the beginning of this month, we released FrameFlow version 2023.5, which contains the latest new event monitors, features, and fixes. With new support for Azure, Windows, Linux, and SNMP, this update has something for every FrameFlow user.

Make sure to update as soon as you have the chance to get the latest FrameFlow features. We'll cover the highlights here, but as always, our change log details everything new in v2023.5.

New Event Monitor: Azure Service Health

FrameFlow's newest event monitor is our Microsoft Azure Service Health Event Monitor. It keeps an eye on your Microsoft Azure services and sends alerts about any service issues, security advisories, or issues impacting your Azure resources. Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of FrameFlow to get this and other new features!

New: Time Event Monitors

Also new in FrameFlow v2023.5 are our new time event monitors for Windows and Linux/SSH. These monitors check the date and time on your Windows or Linux systems and compare it with the date and time on your FrameFlow server. If a discrepancy is found, the event monitor will send you an alert.

Check out the Windows Time Event Monitor here and the Linux/SSH Time Event Monitor here.

Opening Tree Items in New Tab

To streamline navigation within FrameFlow, we've added the option to open items from a tree in a new tab. Right-click on any item in a tree and choose "Open In New Tab" from the resulting menu, as shown in the GIF below.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter! To view past newsletters, click here. As always, feel free to contact us with fixes or suggestions. It's user feedback like yours that helps us keep FrameFlow moving forward.


The FrameFlow Team

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