FrameFlow Newsletter - July 2022

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New Updates for July

This month we've added some improvements to existing features as well as some completely new material! The Windows Update Event Monitor and the Windows Service Event Monitor have received performance updates. We also updated our default graph colors.

We've also released documentation on our new single sign-on option, a tutorial on failover settings, and a blog post highlighting five FrameFlow features that often go unnoticed. More on that below!

Single Sign-On

SAML is a protocol that makes it so that the user only needs to log in once with a single set of authentication credentials. In FrameFlow version 2022.8. we added single sign-on to our list of authentication options. With it, you can limit the number of times per day your team will spend logging into FrameFlow without compromising security.

We published a step-by-step installation guide here that details how to set up single sign-on for your FrameFlow installation, as well as a tutorial  explaining its benefits.

FrameFlow's Hidden Features?

Even if you've been using our product for a long time (thanks!) you may not yet know everything our product can do. From hacks that make it easier to navigate the interface to full-fledged features hiding in plain sight, our newest article highlights five features of FrameFlow that you may not know about! Make sure to check it out to squeeze the most out of your FrameFlow experience.

Failover Settings

If your main FrameFlow server is down, it's no big deal if you've already set up a failover server. Our latest tutorial tells you how.

Once you have a failover server set up, all of your current FrameFlow event monitors, devices, settings, etc. will be transferred there if there's a problem with your main server. From there, you can keep monitoring as usual while the issue with your FrameFlow server is resolved. You don't want to be caught without one of these, so make sure you check out the tutorial!

Current Release: FrameFlow v2022.9

Our most recent release is FrameFlow v2022.9, so make sure to update soon if you haven't already. Upgrading your installation in a timely manner is the best way to ensure your FrameFlow installation keeps running properly. Plus, you get the added perk of access to our latest additions and improvements!

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter! Thanks for tuning in. Get in touch with any questions or comments about our latest release.


The FrameFlow Team

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