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FrameFlow v2022.7: Set for June 6th!

FrameFlow v2022.7 is just around the corner! This update is packed with over twenty changes, ranging from a major overhaul to the report section to the implementation of single sign on. We've been hard at work updating many aspects of the design and functionality of our software and we can't wait to show you what we've been up to.

Reports Section Redesign

Perhaps the most notable update in v2022.7 is the changes we've made to the Reports section. Not only have we redesigned the look and feel of the section, but we've also added new functionality. With v2022.7 you will be able to make multi-site reports, allowing you to create an aggregate of information that spans across all your sites.

Also new to the Reports section are the following report elements:

  • List of active alerts at the time of report
  • List of active tickets
  • A report element that lists Windows Update status for all devices
  • A report element that lists the uptime and last reboot of all devices

Stay tuned this Monday for the official release of this and other v2022.7 features!

Single Sign On with SAML

Tired of constantly dealing with two-factor authentication? In v2022.7, we are adding support for single sign on (SSO) using SAML. With this new option you can integrate with Azure Active Directory or any other authentication system that supports SAML.

Use single sign on to reduce the number of logins you have to perform daily. We will soon be coming out with a detailed guide on how to implement SSO in FrameFlow using SAML and Azure Active Directory.

More Coming in v2022.7

Multi-site reports and single sign on are just two of many new features that are coming in v2022.7. Keep an eye on our blog for a new post that will go over all of the new features and functionality.

Version 2022.7 is scheduled for release on Monday, June 6th. When it is released, you can download and upgrade by logging into our portal.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter! Thanks for tuning in. Get in touch with any questions or comments about our latest release.


The FrameFlow Team

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