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Current Release: FrameFlow v2021.11

We've just released FrameFlow v2021.11! Make sure you log in to update your instance soon.

When upgrading the main FrameFlow console, remote nodes usually self-upgrade soon afterwards. In FrameFlow versions 2021.9 and 2021.10, this self-upgrade feature was missing a certain few files. Because of this, some users' multi-site configurations began having issues monitoring important metrics like ping response time. If you are running on 2021.9 or .10, we especially recommend that you update as soon as possible.

New Event Monitor: Amazon AWS DynamoDB

While hybrid monitoring environments continue to gain popularity, FrameFlow has been cooking up new ways to stay au courant. Companies where some systems are in the cloud and some are on-premises need dynamic solutions to monitor all of them effectively. DynamoDB is a popular cloud storage solution, and like any other IT infrastructure component, it needs to be monitored.

That's why we created the Amazon AWS DynamoDB Event Monitor. It helps you keep track of DynamoDB metrics like capacity, usage, backups and more. Make sure to try it out and let us know what you think!

Nearly Complete: Event Monitor Reference Guide

Our Event Monitor Reference Guide outlining the protocols, use cases, outputs, and minimum authentication needed for each event monitor is nearly complete. You can expect it to be live on our website in about two weeks! You can read more about it in our next newsletter, or check it out in two weeks in the Technical Resources section of FrameFlow's website.

Coming Soon: Security Best Practices Guide

In IT environments, there is an ever-growing focus on tighter security. How can we protect sensitive information while still giving clearance for necessary operations to occur? What is the perfect balance?

Right now, we are working on creating a Security Best Practices Guide that outlines how to ramp up security for both single-site FrameFlow configurations and those with remote notes. It will go in-depth into how to use restricted accounts for monitoring your devices. We will also include tips on firewall rules and what ports to use for monitoring. We'll have more information available in next month's newsletter.

Latest Release: FrameFlow v2021.11

Once again, FrameFlow version v2021.11 is the latest and greatest version of our software. Make sure you update your instance as soon as possible to keep moving forward with us. Also worth reiterating is that version 2021.9 or .10 multi-site users should update ASAP to avoid the potential monitoring problems mentioned above.

Wrap Up

That's all we have to tell you for now! As always, if you have new monitoring ideas, find a bug, or want to let us know about anything else, get in touch. We love to hear user feedback and value implementing as many of your recommendations as we can.


The FrameFlow Team

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