FrameFlow Newsletter - June 2021

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FrameFlow v2021.6 Released

FrameFlow's current release is now v2021.6! We improved the way the Headquarters section responds when there are many active alerts.

Other problems addressed in this update include improvements to the Inventory tab for Linux devices and fixing problems to do with PDF exportation, CloudWatch metric monitoring, selecting custom data points in the Reports section, and more.

The rest of the bug fixes for FrameFlow v2021.6 can be found in our change log.

Make sure you update your FrameFlow instance soon to take advantage of the latest and greatest features from our software.

New Tutorial: Task Scheduler Event Monitor

The Task Scheduler Event Monitor alerts you if tasks haven't run or are disabled, and can also alert you based on their returned result statuses.

Our new tutorial guides you step-by-step through configuring the Task Scheduler Event Monitor and setting up alerts that conform to your use case.

As you can see, this event monitor's alerting parameters are powerful enough to include only the cases that concern you and your organization, while filtering out unnecessary notifications.

To learn how to make the Task Scheduler Event Monitor work for you, make sure to check out the full tutorial!

New Tutorial: VMWare Host Health Event Monitor

Another addition to FrameFlow's ever-growing Features section is our new tutorial about VMWare Host Health. We have an event monitor designed to monitor all the important metrics to do with your hosts.

The VMWare Host Health Event Monitor collects your hosts' performance values and metrics and alerts you based on any problems that arise.

Our tutorial teaches you how to use it to monitor CPU readiness, ready time, disk space, active memory, ping, and bandwidth. The event monitor even has a tool that monitors a device group and automatically onboards and begins watching over any new guests added to that group.

Read more about this and more handy event monitors here!

Current Release: FrameFlow v2021.6

Version 2021.6 is the current release and is recommended for all FrameFlow users. See our change log for complete details about what's new and improved.

The next major update is planned for the end of the month. It will include many new cloud-based integrations with new support for Azure, AWS, and Microsoft Teams.

There will also be new network diagram features including the ability to add dynamic lines with arrowheads indicating direction. More on that in our next newsletter!

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter. Thank you to all our users who submitted bug reports that we've addressed in version 2021.6. We value your questions and feedback, so don't hesitate to get in touch.


The FrameFlow Team

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