FrameFlow Newsletter - May 2021

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FrameFlow v2021.5 Released

FrameFlow's current release is now v2021.5! This update contains a small adjustment to our network diagrams feature, as well as addresses some reported issues.

Also in this update, we fixed a navigation issue that occurred while using the lightboard dashboard panel. Among the small formatting issues that we fixed were reported formatting problems in the Event History section and a set of duplicate text received in multi-site lost contact Telemetry notifications.

We now show missing devices on network diagrams in gray, by default. This further highlights the fact that these items are missing and makes it easier to note that at a glance.

Make sure you update your FrameFlow instance soon to keep receiving the latest and greatest from our services.

New Tutorial: Maintenance Windows

Most every company has designated times for maintenance to occur, from software updates to hardware maintenance. Not many people, however, know about all the maintenance window features that FrameFlow provides!

Our new tutorial reintroduces you to maintenance windows in a new way. It teaches you about the different types of maintenance windows we offer and guides you to choose the most efficient one for your purposes.

There's a maintenance window type for any event: whether you have scheduled maintenance every Wednesday at midnight, the second Tuesday of every month, or even daily.

We worked hard to make sure that our maintenance windows feature can conform to any use case. You can also schedule one-time maintenance windows for one-off events like planned outages, repairs, etc.

When it's time to start assigning devices to your maintenance windows, there are three convenient methods of doing so, including time- and hassle-saving batch operations. We won't spoil it all here, though: make sure to check out our tutorial for a complete list of features and functions.

New Tutorials: Discovery Event Monitors

Recently, we've rolled out three new tutorials on three different discovery event monitors! Each of these event monitors lets you discover new devices on your network and automatically add them to your monitoring configuration.

The Ping Discovery Event Monitor uses ping checks to monitor for new devices on your network. It reduces the amount of manual work you need to do when onboarding new devices and also offers an easy way to keep track of newly added devices.

The AD Discovery Event Monitor uses Active Directory to onboard devices in the same way. With all three discovery event monitors, you can specify the folder that newfound devices will be added to. The SNMP Discovery Event Monitor uses SNMP to detect new systems on your network and begin monitoring them. We support SNMP versions 1, 2, and 3.

You can read more about these powerful event monitors here.

Current Release: v2021.5

Version 2021.5 is the current release and is recommended for all FrameFlow users. See our change log for complete details about what's new and improved.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter. Remember, FrameFlow version 2021.5 and many of our previous versions addressed problems reported by you, the user. Questions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged, so don't hesitate to get in touch.


The FrameFlow Team

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