FrameFlow Newsletter - September 2020

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New Tutorials for September

The new tutorials added in the past month showcase some of FrameFlow's lesser known functions so take a look and see how you can save time and supercharge your monitoring configuration.

Device Property Inheritance Tutorial

For example, the Device Property Inheritance Tutorial shows you how to assign attributes to a device group and how to enable inheritance for members of that group.

With inheritance enabled you can set properties on device group and then as soon as you add a device to the group, or move an existing one into it, the device will automatically be assigned those properties. Inheritable properties include device types, icons, authentication profiles and much more.

Device Widget Tutorial

The Device Widgets Tutorial teaches you how to bring important monitoring information to the forefront of your network devices using widgets.

For example, if you're monitoring devices that have a built-in web management interface, you can easily add a custom button widget that will take you directly to it.

The widget button will appear on the status tab for each device and using tokens you can include the device name in the button's URL so you can define a single custom button and use it for all devices of the same kind.

Our tutorial also shows you how to display tags and their values on the status page for your devices.

The example above shows how you can include a contact name that will vary from device to device based on the tags that have been assign to them.

Another great use case is for serial numbers and service tags. Assign these values as tags to each of your devices and then you can see them immediately in FrameFlow on the status page for your devices.

More Tutorials

Other new tutorials include Spreadsheet Views, Monitoring Windows Event Logs, Using Logbooks, and Monitoring by Tag.

Each tutorial leads you through a topic step-by-step with screenshots and illustrations to guide you along the way. Click here to see our complete list of tutorials. We're adding more each week, so check back often.

Development Update

The next major FrameFlow update is in the final stages of testing and its official version number will be v2020.8.

In our next newsletter we'll have complete details about the new features it will include but for now we'll mention some of the highlights:

- Two-factor authentication when logging into FrameFlow
- Support for IPv6 addressing and monitoring
- User interface refresh with new styling and usability improvements
- New Amazon AWS Cloud Watch event monitor
- New SNMP interface monitoring options
- New ability to create curved lines on network diagrams
- New network diagram icons for switches and routers

Version 2020.8 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 15th.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter. As always, if you have questions or feedback that you would like to share, get in touch because we're always eager to hear your suggestions.


The FrameFlow Team

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