FrameFlow Newsletter - June 2020

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Mobile Apps Updated

We've updated our mobile apps for Android and iOS to take advantage of new options in FrameFlow 2020.4 and later. The first new feature they include is an option to mark yourself as On Duty or Off Duty. When you are On Duty you get standard push notifications and the mobile apps always show you the current list of active alerts.

If you mark yourself as Off Duty, you'll still always have the list of current alerts but you won't get push notifications when the list changes. This new option gives you a great way to stay on top of things but not get alerted during times when you know that your other colleagues are currently on duty and are responding to alerts.

Also new in the mobile apps is the option to suppress and resume alerts. Beside each alert in the list, you'll find a bell icon that you can use to toggle the status of the alert.

Session ID Errors

If you are running FrameFlow v2020.3 or earlier and you have set the interface to run on IIS, after installing the May set of Windows Updates you might start to see error message about session IDs while you are working in the FrameFlow interface. The latest Windows Updates have changes that affect our IIS integration. This is fixed in v2020.4 and later so If you are affected, upgrade to the latest release. As a bonus, you'll get a lot of great new features.

SNMP Monitoring Updates

In the latest release we've made substantial improvements in SNMP monitoring performance. These changes are completely under the hood and you don't have to do anything to take advantage of them. Just upgrade to the latest release and you'll find that all of your SNMP monitoring actions will complete much more quickly.

As an example, we ran a test at a customer site where we monitored bandwidth and interface status on 171 Cisco switches. Previous versions completed the monitoring in 55 seconds. The latest FrameFlow release completed the same monitoring in just 19 seconds, almost three times faster.

New Icons

As we mentioned last month's newsletter, we've added hundreds of new icons for you to assign to your devices and use on your dashboards. To let you find the icons you need more quickly, we've updated our icon chooser.

The new chooser has tabs with one providing access to the complete set of new icons that are available and another that gives you access to our classic icons in case you still want to use one or more of them. A third tab keeps track of the icons that you've used recently letting you select your favorites quickly and easily. We've also added a search box that helps you to find just right icon for your purpose.

Upgrade Now

Upgrade to v2020.5 by logging into our customer portal where you'll find it on the Downloads tab. You can also take a look at our change log to see a complete list of what's new and improved.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter. As always, if you have questions or feedback that you would like to share, get in touch because we're always eager to hear your suggestions.


The FrameFlow Team

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