FrameFlow Newsletter - February 2020

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Pre-Release Updated

There's a new pre-release of v2020.1 available on our web site now. To get the pre-release, log into your account on our web site. You'll find it in the downloads tab.

Since the last pre-release we've added options for the new info status level to more and more event monitors. It is now available in the System Health event monitor, the SSH/Linux YUM event monitor, the Directory event monitor, the File event monitor and the Windows Updates event monitor.

When v2020.1 is officially released later this month, the info level will also be available in all SNMP event monitors and all Windows event monitors.

We have also added support for the info status level in all dashboard panels. For example here is a sector graph panel showing a mixture status levels including info:

New Dashboard Themes

Version 2020.1 will also add two new dashboard themes: Cardo and Cardo Dark. The new themes feature more prominent titles and subtitles. They are easier to read at a distance which makes them very handy for anyone who is showing FrameFlow dashboards on large screens in their network operations center.

Pre-Release Available Now

A new pre-release of v2020.1 is available in our customer portal, so login and download if you'd like to take some of these new features for a spin. There's a lot more included that we haven't mentioned yet, and there's more that will be added in the coming days. We're targeting an official release in about three weeks.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter. As always, if you have questions or feedback that you would like to share, get in touch because we're always eager to hear your suggestions.


The FrameFlow Team

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