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Coming Soon: SNMP Table Monitoring

With SNMP, some values are organized into structures that resemble tables. Using our SNMP event monitor you've always been able to list all the items in a table by using the table base and adding ".*" to end. For example, to get the "ifOperStatus" for all interfaces you could use "*" as the symbolic name to monitor.

This would give you the complete list of ifOperStatus entries but the downside was that there was no way to associate them with other table values.

In FrameFlow 2019.3 we're adding a new SNMP Table Event Monitor which will let do exactly that.

With this new event monitor you can specify the table base and the name of the table item that will be used as a label. For example, if you use "ifDescr" for the label then you'll get values like "GigabitEthernet0/1" for labels. Then specify the items you want to monitor and the result is a list of values each associated with its corresponding label.

The SNMP Table event monitor is currently in development and will ship with v2019.3 which is due in six to eight weeks.

Dashboard Sector Graphs

FrameFlow ships with a set of default dashboards that give you a high-level view of current monitoring status. Sometimes though, it's worth a bit of your time to build a few custom dashboards to give you the specific views that you need to stay on top of things.

To create a new dashboard, go to the Dashboards section, right-click on the top-level tree node and choose Add New Dashboard. Now you can right-click on the background of your new dashboard and start adding panels.

Let's take a look at Sector Graph dashboard panels. They offer an easy way to see the combined status of all your monitoring operations.

Sector graphs are like a wheel where your top-level device groups are in the center and as you move outwards you see the subgroups, then the devices and event monitors. Moving the mouse over the sector graph lets you see details about each item and clicking on an item brings you to its details in the network devices or event monitors section.

Wrap Up

That's all for this newsletter but if you have comments, suggestions or any other kind of feedback, we want to hear from you so don't hesitate to get in touch.


The FrameFlow Support Team

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