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FrameFlow 2019.2 Released

FrameFlow 2019.2 was released on schedule on April 11th and we have already seen that many of you have upgraded and are taking advantage of the latest features it offers. The new Headquarters section has been getting rave reviews. The feedback we have received says that it's the best place to see the current list of alerts all in one place. If you're still running on an older FrameFlow release, we recommend that you upgrade soon.

Headquarters on Dashboards

If you're already running 2019.2 and you love the HQ feature, don't forget that there's a new dashboard panel that goes along with it. It's called the "List of Alerts Panel" and you can add it to any dashboard you choose. If you're using FrameFlow's multi-site monitoring functionality, it's also available for inclusion on your multi-site dashboards.

2019.2 Updates

If you're already running 2019.2 but you're seeing the Update Now message, login to your account to get the latest 2019.2 build. Over the last few weeks we've fixed a number of relatively minor issues and our latest builds include those fixes.

Going forward, fixes will be delivered as new builds for the current version. When there's new functionality in a release we'll bump up the version number.

Device Group Details

Here's another new feature in FrameFlow 2019.2 that isn't away noticed right away: Device group columns. Now when you select a device group in the tree, you get more than just the status and display name. We've added new columns for device name, IP address, authentication, and SNMP profiles. We've found that the extra information gives a better at-a-glance view of the devices in a group and their properties.

Wrap Up

Version 2019.1 will be released on April 11th so be sure to log into your portal account on that day to take advantage of our latest and greatest offering. If you're eager to see it sooner, drop us a note and we'll get you access to a pre-release build so you can check out the new features before the official launch date.


The FrameFlow Support Team

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