FrameFlow Newsletter - February 2019

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FrameFlow 2019.1: Coming Soon

FrameFlow v2019.1 is in the final stages of testing. We are targeting a release date of Thursday March 6th which is exactly a week from today.

Version 2019.1 is going to be a maintenance release. It will bring improved support for HP iLO monitoring, especially for older iLO versions, as well as fixes for a number of recently reported issues.

Most of the fixes will be for relatively minor issues but there's one fix we would like to mention in particular because it has affected a number of users. If you are using Chrome, and you have set it to remember user names and passwords, in some cases Chrome might populate our search box with the user name that you used to log into FrameFlow. That's fixed in 2019.1 so if you are affected, be sure to upgrade when it has been released.

FrameFlow 2019.2

While next week's release is a maintenance release only, we are still hard at work on the next major FrameFlow update. The new "Headquarters" functionality that we told you about in our last newsletter is nearing completion.

Headquarters will be the place to go in order to see the complete list of all current issues. If FrameFlow is reporting issues that you can't resolve right now, you'll have a new option to suppress selected alerts. Suppressed alerts stay in the headquarters list but are sent to the bottom of the page. We've been testing this new functionality in-house and we hope you're going to love it as much as we do.

Farewell to Viewed / Unviewed Events

While working in FrameFlow have you ever asked yourself "Why is this item bold but that other one isn't?" Or have you wondered why there's a warning in the event history but the lightboard panel shows success? Both of these are related to the concept of viewed and unviewed events, a design model that we introduced in the very early days of FrameFlow.

The idea was that by viewing an event you acknowledged it and therefore its status shouldn't be counted anymore. This worked well in early releases but as FrameFlow evolved, and especially after we added multi-user support, it became less and less viable.

Brace yourself: In the next major update, we're retiring the concept of viewed and unviewed events. In their place you're going to get an improved logbook module where you'll be able to attach progress indicators to events. Are you working on that critical low disk space event that showed up 5 minutes ago? Attach a logbook entry to it and select "In Progress" to tell everyone that you're on it. When you've freed up space or extended the partition, change the logbook status to "Closed" so everyone knows it's been handled and maybe enter a few notes describing the corrective action you took.

All that and more is coming soon. We don't have a firm release date for this update yet but we expect that the first beta releases will be available in mid-March. When they are available, betas will be found in the Download sections of our updated support portal.

Wrap Up

If you have suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, compliments or complaints, don't hesitate to send them our way. Your feedback has been immensely helpful as we work to improve FrameFlow and add great new features.


The FrameFlow Support Team

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