FrameFlow Newsletter - January 2019

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New Integrated Support Portal

Our new support portal is live and we encourage you to check it out. Now, instead of having to go to a separate web site, you can submit your tickets from right inside the same portal where you download the latest FrameFlow releases and get your license files.

You now have options to start a new support ticket, view your open tickets, download the current release or chose from a list of previous releases. You can find the new portal by logging into your account on our web site here:

Check it out and let us know what you think.

FrameFlow and Windows Server 2019

Are you thinking about moving up to Windows Server 2019? We've been working with it since it was released a few months ago and we are impressed. In our experience it is fast, stable and especially easy to use since it includes most of the user interface features that have recently only been available in desktop versions of Windows.

With Server 2019, Microsoft is pushing their new Windows Admin Center as a replacement for the venerable Server Manager. We took it for a spin and it was good but had a few issues so expect to be using the Server Manager for a while longer in order to get your common administration tasks done.

In case you were wondering, FrameFlow is 100% compatible with Windows Server 2019. Installing FrameFlow on 2019 is just like installing it on any other version of Windows. And you can monitor Server 2019 using FrameFlow on any supported version of Windows. For more details see our recent blog post called "FrameFlow and Windows Server 2019".

Coming Soon in FrameFlow

We have some major updates coming your way in 2019. Have you ever wished you could stop getting alerts about just one device for one event monitor? Soon you'll be able to do exactly that. Also, FrameFlow gives you a great view of status by device and status by event monitor. Have you ever wished for a view that combines both? That's coming too.

These are just two new abilities that are coming as a part of a new feature we're tentatively calling Headquarters. Our goal is to make Headquarters the place you go to first in order to get your "single pane of glass" view of network and system status.

It's in the early stages of development but here is sneak peek of the new Headquarters functionality: Headquarters is scheduled to be included in a new FrameFlow release that will ship before the end of Q1 2019. It's also going to serve as the foundation for another exciting new feature that we'll be able to tell you about soon.

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