FrameFlow Newsletter - September 2018

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Version 2018.6 Update

FrameFlow 2018.6 is now in the final stages of testing and we expect it to be available in the first half of October. There’s a preview of it available and you can try it by logging into your account on our site. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll tell you a bit more about what you’ll find in the preview and in the final release.

Import/Export Location

FrameFlow has always had an option to export your monitoring configuration, providing a quick and easy way for you to make backups or migrate your settings to a different system. Those export files have always gone into the Exports subfolder under the main FrameFlow installation folder. Starting with v2018.6 you’ll be able to choose a different location so you can store backups on a different physical drive and give yourself additional protection against a hardware failure.

Calculation Event Monitor

Have you tried our Calculation event monitor? The Calculation event monitor lets you select multiple data points, perform calculations based on them and then generate new data points. For example, maybe you have a PDU and you’re using our SNMP event monitors to watch the load on each output. Using a calculation event monitor you can determine the combined load on all outputs, generate a new data point and alert about that too. With v2018.6 the Calculation event monitor gains the new ability to assign those new data points to a selected device which in turn lets you use them in your dashboards and network diagrams.

Office 365 Dashboard Panel

If you use Microsoft’s Office 365 services, you’re going to like the new Office 365 service status dashboard panel that’s coming in FrameFlow 2018.6. It provides an at-a-glance view of what issues are affecting Microsoft services at the current time.

It’s a great way to let others in your organization know about Microsoft service issues that might be affecting them but are out of the scope of responsibility of your IT team.

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