FrameFlow Newsletter - August 2018

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Coming Soon: Version 2018.6

As usual we have been hard at work to bring you great new features and functionality. We are happy to tell you that 2018.6 is now in the final stages of testing and we can share with you a bit about what is coming your way.

SNMP Authentication

A while ago we added the ability to define SNMP profiles and use them in your event monitors. In 2018.6 you can now assign SNMP profiles to your devices. They work just like authentication profiles do already so now your SNMP event monitors can have all the benefits of using device-level settings just like your other event monitors.

Interfaces Tab

We recently added a new device type for switches and routers. When that device type is selected, a new Interfaces tab appears for the device. In previous releases, we used SNMPv1 with a public community string to get the interface data. Now we use the selected SNMP profile for the device which gives you a lot more flexibility. Also along the way, we redesigned the layout for that tab, making it more graphical and adding a column to show interface descriptions.

New Event Monitors

One of our focus points has been on expanding our support for specific types of SNMP devices. In v2018.6 we are adding event monitors for AVTECH Room Alert 3E sensors and for Ubiquiti AirFiber 5 radios. We have a few more device-specific monitors in development too and will have more details for you when v2018.6 is released. If you have SNMP devices and you’d like them to be directly supported in FrameFlow, let us know. We’ll send you instructions to gather the data we need and we’ll see if we can add support for your devices too.

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