FrameFlow Newsletter - June 2018

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Version 2018.4 Released

We are very happy to announce that our 4th update for 2018 has been released. This update includes many new features and we’re recommending it for all FrameFlow users. In total there are 29 updates including 18 new features and 11 smaller updates.

New in 2018.4: Inherited Device Properties

In last month’s newsletter, we told you a bit about a new feature called device property inheritance. With inheritance, you can assign properties to your device groups. Then when you drag a device into that group, the device will automatically get the assigned properties.

For example, you might create a group called "Switches and Routers" to hold all your SNMP enabled networking gear. Now you can edit the properties of that group to choose a good icon, add relevant tags and set the device type. Then when you drag a device into that group it will automatically get those properties.

Want to see it in action?

Just visit this new technical resource page on our website for full details including a short movie demonstration.

v2018.4: Windows Update Monitoring

One thing to be aware of in v2018.4 is that we updated our Windows Update event monitor to use a new protocol for getting the data that it needs. If you are monitoring Windows systems using their IP address, after upgrading you may get a message from the monitor saying it is unable to connect. To correct this, open a command line window with administrator privileges and run:

winrm set winrm/config/client @{TrustedHosts="*"}

That tells the FrameFlow box to trust all hosts for outbound WinRM connections. If you prefer you can specify individual or multiple subnets like "10.0.0.*,10.0.1.*".

One last note: If you have a multi-site FrameFlow deployment, make sure to run the same command on the systems where your remote nodes are running.

FrameFlow: Meet the Team

If you’ve contacted us for technical support, pre-sales assistance or pretty much anything else, you’ve exchanged messages or spoken with someone at FrameFlow. Now you can put a face to the name. Visit our new Meet the Team page and get to know the rest of the team that brings you each new FrameFlow release.

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