FrameFlow Newsletter - April 2018

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Current Release: Version 2018.3

We’re happy to announce that FrameFlow v2018.3 is now available for download both for licensed users and for those of you who are in the evaluation phase. Licensed users can log into their account on our website and download the licensed version. If you’re running the evaluation version visit our evaluation download page to get the latest eval version. Either way, run the setup and it will do the upgrade while preserving all of your settings.

Focus: SNMP

SNMP monitoring has always been an area where FrameFlow has excelled compared to all other tools out there. We’ve worked hard to make SNMP monitoring easy to deploy and easy to manage. Just by pointing and clicking you can setup bandwidth monitoring, interface status monitoring and much more. We’ve done that while preserving the ability to roll up your sleeves and monitor any OID or symbolic name so you can access the full potential of any SNMP-enabled device.

We haven’t stopped there, though. We’ve been working hard to further expand our SNMP offerings and we would love to have your feedback as we do so.

Have you set up FrameFlow SNMP event monitors to monitor specific pieces of equipment? Instead of entering the OIDs for the values you want to monitor, would you love to have a dedicated event monitor for those devices so you could have point-and-click monitoring for them too? If so, let us know. We’ve been working on new technology that will let us easily deploy custom SNMP event monitors for all kinds of devices.

So if you’re a heavy SNMP user, get in touch and tell us a bit about the types of devices you are using. We’ll share a bit more with you about how we can build awesome event monitors for them.

More About SNMP

Are you not currently using FrameFlow’s SNMP features but thinking about it? Learn more about what FrameFlow has to offer in our blog post called "SNMP Network Monitoring That’s Streamlined, Effective and Scalable". Our post will quickly get you up to speed on how SNMP works, how it is best used, and how FrameFlow makes it easy to deploy and easy to manage.

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