FrameFlow Newsletter - March 2018

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Coming Soon: Version 2018.3

We’ve made a few changes in our release schedule and we’d like to share with you some more details about what we have coming your way in the coming weeks. FrameFlow Version 2018.3 is now in the final stages of testing and is due for release in the first week of April. Version 2018.3 will add two new event monitors for Office 365 monitoring.

One new O365 monitor focuses on license management. It has options to alert if your number of available licenses is more than or less than specified thresholds and can also alert about license changes. The other new O365 event monitor focuses on mailboxes and can help you to quickly identify which mailboxes are using the most storage.

Also coming in v2018.3 is a small set of fixes and improvements including better logging for the iDRAC event monitor, a fix for MQTT monitoring and better error handling in the Task Scheduler event monitor.

Also Coming Soon

We’ve pushed back the timing of the next major update so we can add a few more items from our requested features. Still due to be included are the following features:

– The ability to select Google Maps as a background for your network diagrams
– Alignment guidelines while designing dashboards and network diagrams
– More options for MySQL, ODBC, and Oracle monitoring
– The ability for devices to inherit properties from the groups they are in
– A new event monitor for tracking VMware snapshots

We are working to add a few more features and we’ll have more details to share in our next newsletter. In the meantime, if you’ve been hoping and waiting for one or more of the features listed above then give us a shout and we can send you a link to a pre-release that you can try. It’s not ready for production but will give you an excellent idea of what to expect in the final release.

Agentless Monitoring

As a FrameFlow user you are probably already aware of the benefits of agentless monitoring. It’s been an important part of our messaging and technology since the very beginning. For a refresher on the differences between agent-based systems and agentless ones like FrameFlow, see our latest blog post called "Benefits of Agentless Monitoring for IT Systems".

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