FrameFlow Newsletter - February 2018

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Version 2018.2 Released

Version 2018.2 is now available for download and it includes some great new enhancements. Let’s go over some of the new features and functionality.

Better Report Granularity

In previous releases, you were able to group report data by hour, by day or by month. With v2018.2 we added grouping options for 5, 10, 15 and 30-minute intervals. Use the longer intervals to get reports that summarize long-term trends and use the shorter intervals for finer views:

HP iLO Monitoring

If you use equipment from HP in your IT environment, check out our HP iLO event monitor. It connects to the Integrated Lights Out (iLO) interface on your HP systems and alerts about hardware-related issues like RAID status, power supply status and fan speeds. We first introduced our HP iLO event monitor in version 2017.1 and since then it has had multiple updates. In FrameFlow 2018.2 we added support for HP iLO2 which now means that the event monitor is compatible with all recent versions including iLO2, iLO3 and iLO4.

System Health Panel

A while ago we added the ability to show multiple metrics on a single System Health dashboard panel. It’s a great way to see the combined status for systems in one place:

As you can, see most system health metrics have just one value, but systems can have multiple disks so we added one column for each disk letter that the event monitor detected. If a particular system does not have a disk letter that others do, then it gets a dash ‘ – ‘ in its column.

This works great when displaying multiple metrics but when you just want to see disk space, the resulting display was not as intuitive as it could be. In v2018.2, if the panel has been set to only show disks then it splits out one row for each disk/system combination:

Coming Soon

The next FrameFlow update is scheduled for the end of March. Some of the features it will add include:

The ability to select Google Maps as a background for your network diagrams
Alignment guidelines while designing dashboards and network diagrams
More options for MySQL, ODBC and Oracle monitoring
Ability for devices to inherit properties from the groups they are in
A new event monitor for tracking VMware snapshots

Technical Support Portal

Here is another reminder about our new support portal. The support portal lets you submit tickets and track their status. We’re already finding that it is helping us to respond in a more timely fashion to your questions and requests for support. It only takes a second to register so pop by today and sign up.

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