FrameFlow Newsletter - December 2017

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Version 2018.1

We needed just a bit more time to polish the new release and rather than rush it out the door we’ve delayed it a bit for one last time. Keep an eye out for v2018.1 in the first week of January. It will be worth the wait!

New Support Portal

We are very happy to introduce our new support portal which you can find at The new portal includes some great new ways for you submit feedback and get technical support. Use the ticketing section to submit support tickets and track their status. Use the topics section to submit your comments and share ideas with the FrameFlow community. Use the Knowledge Base section to read technical articles, like how to set up your FrameFlow installation to run on IIS.

To get started, head to the portal home page and select the option to Register. For now your support portal account will be separate from your existing FrameFlow login account but in the near future we plan to integrate the two.

Unified Monitoring

The concept of Unified Monitoring is a big part of the FrameFlow story. Every IT environment is composed of a mixture of equipment types. Sure, you’ve got servers but you’ve also got networking gear, power equipment, HVAC systems, cameras, printers and more. Each one comes with its own monitoring software but they’re all different. FrameFlow is your unified monitoring solution for all of your equipment. Learn more in our blog post Unified Monitoring for all your Servers and IT Systems with FrameFlow.

Farewell to 2017, Hello to 2018

Thanks to all of you for a fabulous 2017! Your feedback and suggestions have helped us to make FrameFlow better than ever. We’re excited to bring you even more with new features and new functionality in each new FrameFlow release. All the best for 2018!

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