FrameFlow Newsletter - September 2017

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FrameFlow v2017.6 Released

Earlier this month we released FrameFlow v2017.6. It includes a number of updates and new features that we think you will enjoy. Possibly our favorite addition are the new mini-buttons at the bottom of the text of each event as shown in this image:

The buttons change dynamically depending on what part of the interface you are in. Here we are in the Event Monitors section and the buttons let us mark the event as unviewed, go to the device for the event, and attach a logbook entry to the event.

In addition to the above we’ve also added more multi-site options for dashboards, added support for regular expressions in a number of event monitors, added new search bar options, new email alerting options and much more.


The first pre-release of v2017.Next is due in just a few weeks. This big update sports a brand new interface that focuses on workflow bringing related status items and toolbar options closer together for easy selection.

It will also include some major new features like SNMP profiles. With the SNMP profiles you can bundle your community strings and especially your SNMPv3 authentication values into a single profile which you can then select in your event monitors. Here a screen shot showing the settings page along with more details showing the new interface:

Other new features coming in this release include data retention settings, a redesigned report builder, new dashboard elements for switch and router displays, improved data point list panels with multiple columns, new libraries of pre-formatted SNMP and PowerShell event monitors, and much more.

We expect the first pre-release will be available in the second half of October so keep an eye out for it.

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