FrameFlow Newsletter - August 2017

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v2017.6 Pre-Release

There’s a pre-release available in our portal. If you’ve had troubles with SNMP monitoring then we encourage you to try it since it includes some important fixes. The pre-release also includes a few new dashboard options, especially for FrameFlow Multi-Site users. In particular you now have more filtering options on multi-site device list and monitor list panels.


Our big update with user interface updates, report builder updates and much more is still in development and is progressing very well. We’ve moved our target forward couple of weeks to the end of September but no promises. Stability is our main goal with this release and we’re committed to taking the time necessary to achieve that. But as always feel free to get in touch for updates or if you’d like to try a pre-release.

That’s all for this month but stay tuned for more news as we get closer to an official release of v2017.Next.

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