FrameFlow Newsletter - June 2017

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Current Release: v2017.4

We’ve been working hard since the initial release of our recent big update. The current release is now v2017.4 and it includes some important fixes and performance improvements.

We recommend that you upgrade now to take advantage of all that it offers including improved data management, faster monitoring throughput, and a few new features too!

The Benefits of Agentless Monitoring

If you’re a FrameFlow user you’ve already been converted to agentless monitoring. Since our very first release, it’s been our commitment to you that you never need to install software on the systems being monitored. Our agentless approach has multiple benefits.

First and foremost, all of our monitoring uses industry standard protocols and adheres to your network security policies. That gives you the security and peace of mind that you need. You don’t need to open any ports or figure out any custom protocols. Instead, all monitoring operations use well-known protocols like WMI and SNMP.

Secondly, since you never need to install anything on the systems being monitored, you can be assured that there is zero impact on your critical systems. Agent-based monitoring solutions require you to install custom components and those components consume resources which are better used for day-to-day operations of your critical systems.

Lastly, agents eventually lead to a management nightmare. Agents get out of date, agents have security issues, agents crash. It’s like trying to run an efficient IT operation and a botnet on the side.

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