FrameFlow Newsletter - May 2017

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v2017.2 Released

Since the initial 2017 release we’ve found and fixed a number of issues that were reported and now version 2017.2 is hot off the presses, just released today, and ready for download. It’s a maintenance release and includes some important fixes including a couple of issues that could cause the main FrameFlow service to use more memory than it should.

If you haven’t upgraded yet then we recommend that you grab 2017.2 as soon as possible so you can take advantage of all the new features and functionality.

What’s That Feature? Personal Dashboards

Speaking of new features and functionality, personal dashboards are new in the 2017 release. Personal dashboards let you have your own dashboards showing the information that you specifically want to see. They only appear for you and the personal dashboards for other FrameFlow users only show for them. It’s a great way to reduce clutter while giving you exactly the view you need to stay on top of network operations.

Taking Ownership of a Dashboard

To get started with personal dashboards, first make sure you have login security enabled which is just plain good practice anyway. Then login to FrameFlow as a manager or administrator, create a new dashboard and set it up with the panels that give you your preferred view of system and networks status. Next, right-click on the dashboard in the tree and select "Take Ownership". The icon for the dashboard will change to reflect that the dashboard is now your personal dashboard.

From now on that dashboard is visible only to you. Standard dashboards will continue to be available to you and all other users but other users will not see nor be able to access your personal dashboards.

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