FrameFlow Newsletter - February 2017

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Coming Soon: v2017.1

We are in the final stages of testing what will become v2017.1 and are currently targeting a release in the fourth week of March. If you’ve been following our newsletter and blog posts then you already know that this is going to be a huge update.

Since our last newsletter we’ve been busy adding more great features and functionality and today we can share even more with you.

New Dependency Options

For ages now you’ve been able to set one of your event monitors to depend on other event monitors. There are many different scenarios where this is handy but the most common one is where you have systems that are being checked by both high-level event monitors and low-level ones too. As an example, it’s probably futile to check the status of a SQL Server database if the box is down and not responding to your ping checks. Using dependencies you can reduce the number of alerts that are generated for critical situations and focus on the real problem at hand.

These dependencies were defined between event monitors but FrameFlow v2017.1 will add device-to-device dependencies. This makes it super easy to handle conditions like where you have a bunch of systems that are behind a switch and therefore are dependent on that switch.

Improved Dashboard Design

People love how easy it is to design custom dashboards in FrameFlow but a common request has been "Can we have a bit more flexibility in sizing and positioning panels?" We listened and in 2017.1 you have a ton of flexibility to precisely size panels with still just enough "snap-to" so you’re not fighting to align individual pixels.

SNMP Value Mapping

Our new "turbo" SNMP engine is faster and more flexible than anything before and we’re continuing to round out its features. New in v2017.1 is the ability to map retrieved values to text strings or any value you choose. That means you can translate things like "1" to "ON" and "0" to "OFF". The result is more legibility on your dashboards and in status tables.

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