What’s New in FrameFlow v2023.3

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What's New in FrameFlow v2023.3?

In FrameFlow v2023.3, we've added a new event monitor, a new dashboard panel type, and fixed a couple of issues some users have been experiencing from prior releases. Read on to find out what's changed.

Event Monitor Result Dashboard Panel

Our new dashboard panel lets you choose an event monitor and display the text generated each time it runs on your dashboards. This helps you keep an eye on your most critical systems at a glance. A dashboard containing this type of panel can then be displayed at your company's headquarters for easy viewing.

Event Monitor Result Dashboard Panel Example

New Event Monitor for Amazon AWS S3

Also in FrameFlow v2023.3, we've released the Amazon AWS S3 Event Monitor, which monitors S3 metrics in Amazon Web Services. Amazon S3 buckets that have been inadvertently given public access are a common source of data leaks and other security issues. Our event monitor can alert you if the access status or policy of any bucket changes. It can also alert you based on the size of the bucket, helping you to control your AWS expenditure.

Each S3 monitoring option is available for use on all buckets at once, but you can also single out specific buckets of interest to monitor under separate conditions. An example of such settings is shown below.

S3 Bucket Alert Options

Other Changes for v2023.3

FrameFlow v2023.3 also includes some other small changes, listed below:

  • We added new options to the HP iLO Event Monitor
  • We fixed a problem with using the Amazon AWS Lambda Event Monitor on a remote node
  • We fixed an issue with using multi-line queries in the Oracle Event Monitor
  • We fixed an issue with generating data points in the Oracle Event Monitor

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