What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.2

Learn What has Changed, What's Stayed the Same, and What's Coming Next

What's new in FrameFlow v2022.2?

FrameFlow v2022.2 contains a few changes and bug fixes aimed to make your FrameFlow experience smoother than ever. Log in and update today to take advantage of our latest version. This blog post will detail a bit about each major change in v2022.2, or check out our change log for a list of everything that's changed.

Changes to Paused Event Monitors

Paused event monitors now contain a message in their header to remind you that they're paused. Previously, if you tried to manually run a paused event monitor, there was no indication of why it wouldn't run, causing users confusion. Now, if you try to run a paused event monitor, the event monitor's header will notify you that the monitor has been paused.

Header Reminder Message

Changes to Active Directory Monitoring

The Active Directory Event Monitor also received a touch-up in v2022.2. The event monitor's "Check Group Membership" options now recognize subgroups that have been added or removed from the group that's being monitored, not just user accounts.

We also added a new option to the Active Directory Event Monitor. Now, you can check a box to include a list of the latest detected group members in each event monitor run.

List of Users Option

Bug Fixes for v2022.2

Also included in FrameFlow v2022.2 are a few key bug fixes, listed below. To view every change, refer to our change log.

  • We fixed issues with marking interfaces as favorites in multi-site configs
  • We fixed an issue affecting the site chooser dialog box
  • We fixed an issue with Windows Terminal Services Event Monitor settings
  • We fixed an issue with the Windows Update Event Monitor when checking older versions of Windows

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That's all for now! Don't forget to update at your earliest convenience. For a complete list of what's changed in this update, view our change log.

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