What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.13

Learn What has Changed, What's Stayed the Same, and What's Coming Next

What's New in FrameFlow v2022.13?

FrameFlow v2022.13 is filled with new features and fixes designed to make your monitoring experience smoother and more comprehensive. Read on to learn what's changed in our latest release!

Lost Contact Settings

In previous releases, the settings that control your FrameFlow instance's response to losing contact have been spread throughout the interface. In v2022.13, we've consolidated these settings in a new section of FrameFlow's Settings section: the Lost Contact Settings. Here, you can control what alerts are sent in the event of lost contact and what members of your team the alerts will be sent to.

Lost Contact Settings

DynamoDB Monitoring Updates

We've also made changes to our AWS DynamoDB Event Monitor. We added more alerting options for provisioned read and write capacities respectively, all of which can be seen in the image below. We've also added options to alert if the total read or write capacity across all tables is larger than a specified capacity. You'll also notice that we've organized all the event monitor options into categories based on their function. The end result is a more organized event monitor with new key options!

New Read/Write Capacity Settings

New Batch Operations

FrameFlow v2022.13 also includes the ability to perform certain operations on multiple items at once to save time. We've added this feature to more places on our product to help save you time when applying the same changes to several items.

For example, in Spreadsheet View, you can now mass-delete event monitors instead of navigating to each one to delete them manually as before. You can do the same in the Spreadsheet View for your network devices!

Similarly, we've added new bulk options to your event monitor groups. You can now mass-assign notification profiles to your event monitor groups with the bulk actions menu, saving you time that you'd otherwise spend tinkering with the Settings section of each monitor.

Inventory Report Updates

In the Reports section of your instance, the inventory report section option now has an additional inventory table type to choose from: the Operating System Inventory. This option displays a list of your devices plus what version of Windows is running on each system.

OS Inventory Report

Bug Fixes and Change Log Link

One more notable change for v2022.13: we fixed an issue with choosing columns on the device interface tab. You can now reorder the columns however you want now.

Reordering Columns in Interfaces Tab

An exhaustive list of changes made in v2022.13 is available in our change log, along with an archive of every change we've ever made in other updates as well.

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