What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.12

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What's new in FrameFlow v2022.12?

FrameFlow v2022.12 is now our latest release. It contains a plethora of bug fixes alongside a handful of new features that have been added to existing event monitors. Read on to find out what's changed!

New Feature Options

The Task Scheduler Event Monitor received a new feature this update, allowing you the option to warn about long-running tasks. This helps you detect and receive alerts about tasks that may be slowing you down as soon as they begin to present a problem.

New Task Scheduler Option

We also added a new option to our SSO settings that lets you require SSO for all logins to FrameFlow. Users who are currently taking advantage of SSO from other providers can now opt to accept only SSO sign-ins. This way, all authentication is handled by your security provider. To read more about FrameFlow's support for SAML, check out our SSO tutorial.

Note that before you enable this feature, it's beneficial to test your SSO login first! Make sure you have at least one administrator role to avoid temporarily losing access to your configuration.

2022.12 Bug Fixes

Below is the full list of improvements we've made in v2022.12:

  • We fixed a problem where very large event text could cause slow UI performance
  • We fixed an issue dragging devices to the root node in the devices section
  • We fixed a couple of issues affecting Windows event log monitoring
  • We fixed an issue where multi-site lost contact notifications
  • We fixed an issue affecting Microsoft 365 dashboard panels in multi-site configs
  • We fixed a case-sensitivity issue affecting personal dashboards

An up-to-date list of recent changes to our product is always available at www.frameflow.com/change-log/.

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