What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.1

Learn What has Changed, What's Stayed the Same, and What's Coming Next

What's new in FrameFlow v2022.1?

FrameFlow version 2022.1 is out! This update includes optimizations and new features to improve your FrameFlow experience. Make sure to log in and update today to take advantage of what's new!

Searching by IP Address

The search bar on the FrameFlow interface now lets you search by IP address. Now you can effortlessly single out a specific network device when you need it.

IP Search Feature

Improved User Friendliness for SNMP and Performance Counter Event Monitors

Both the Performance Counter Event Monitor and the SNMP Event Monitor received updates in 2022.1 as well. Now, their respective comparison sections display a bit more context about the operation being performed. Previously, the text denoting the comparison being used was unclear.

Performance Counter Comparison Field

Microsoft 365 Service Status Event Monitor Fixed

Recently, Microsoft updated their APIs in such a way that the Microsoft 365 Service Status Event Monitor was not working. In version 2022.1, this issue has been resolved. Users who were experiencing this issue are encouraged to update to the latest release to fix it.

Microsoft 365 Service Status Output

List of Events Dashboard Panel Fixed

The List of Events dashboard panel has a custom filtering option that allows you to select the levels of alerts to receive notifications about. In recent releases, this feature wasn't behaving correctly, but we fixed it in this latest release.

Custom Alert Level Settings

Status Bar Alert Count Fixed

Also in previous releases, some users may have noticed a mild discrepancy between the numbers of alerts displayed in the top status bar and the number of alerts shown in Headquarters. This has also been addressed in 2022.1.

Status Bar

Other Fixes

In v2021.16, the SNMP browser was experiencing an issue where the check boxes used to help users select OIDs to monitor were missing. This was due to a third-party issue that's been resolved in our latest release.

Also fixed in this release was a problem some users experienced with selecting avatars.

Available Now

Once again, make sure to update to v2022.1 as soon as you can to keep your FrameFlow installation running smoothly. FrameFlow v2022.1 includes many smaller optimizations and fixes, not all of which have been acknowledged here. For a complete list of what's changed in this update, view our change log.

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